Hello! I’m Jo.

I support people to stubbornly keep going; coaching creative individuals to develop the life, work and business that really matters to them.

I believe that being a bit stubborn is underrated. When wielded positively, stubbornness can help you to live and work purposefully, determinedly overcoming obstacles, and feeling - well - happy.

When you feel clear about your intentions, and resolute in your pursuit of them, you can develop a product, service or an entire business that truly fulfils you. I encourage you to persist in the work you love, through good times and bad, being stubborn in your mission to create something amazing for yourself and others.

What do you value so highly that you’re willing to tenaciously work towards it? Will you seek solutions to any difficulties that may arise? Hard work may be required but trust me, it will be worth it, and I’d love to help.

HOW CAN I Support YOU?

  • Do you want to develop a business, expand a side-project or create and launch something new?

  • Perhaps you want to grow your existing business in a heartfelt way, without compromising your integrity.

  • Do you need help with persevering, seeking and finding creative solutions to any problems?

  • Maybe you need to shake things up to make sure that your life and business are working for you.

Support is important, because progress is not linear. Life can throw curveballs, we can lose confidence, and work can be stalled. Sometimes effort is required to pick ourselves up again, and keep going. I know - I’ve been there. Coaching helps you to maintain perspective, supports you to figure out what really matters to you, and motivates you to make ideas a reality. The truth is that the answers are probably already inside you, and coaching is an invaluable tool to draw them out.

Although exciting, developing a business or making any kind of change can feel overwhelming and scary. It can really help to have someone in your corner, and / or access to free or affordable resources and course. I try to provide all of these things, so that there’s something for every stage of your journey. And of course, I encourage you to cultivate a stubborn mindset so that you can determinedly keep trying, stay focused on your intentions, and feel positive,

I’M HERE to share what I’ve learned.

Be Stubborn is my second business, and 2019 is my fourth year of being self-employed. I’ve learned so much in this time, allowing me to now help others.

It can be so easy to just go with the flow, rather than actively choosing how we want our lives and work to feel. But ultimately, we need to take responsibility for our own happiness, defining and pursuing the things that are important to us.

It might feel scary, or even impossible, but we each have the power to make things happen for ourselves. By taking it one step at a time, working steadily towards our goals and refusing to let anything stop us, we can achieve anything.

As a coach, I am here to help people to figure what they want, and how to get there. Because the truth is that it can be difficult to stick to your plans and make things happen, especially when going it alone! This is where support, and a healthy dose of being stubborn can help.

in a nutshell, what do i know?

…about being stubborn?
My belief in the power of being a bit stubborn developed as a result of events in my personal life. You might have noticed that I’m pictured outside the Taj Mahal (and beyond!) with my walking stick? This pretty much sums me up.

I was diagnosed with a progressive muscle wasting disease in my late twenties, which has weakened my legs and will continue to do so. But if there’s something I want, I am stubbornly determined to at least try, leading me, amongst other things, to travel around India alone. As this disease is untreatable, I truly know that there’s no time to lose: every day counts, so let’s enjoy them.

…about creating, growing and marketing a business?
I spent 5+ years working in marketing, before applying all I knew to creating a successful business of my own. When it eventually grew in a different direction, I became unhappy. So after three years, I made the terrifying decision to leave; my happiness was more important than staying with a business because ‘I thought I should’. I want on to create Be Stubborn so that I can share all I have learned about being a creative business owner, and about being stubborn enough to pursue what matters most to me.

…about overcoming obstacles, and working through problems?
I'm very optimistic by nature, and I've always enjoyed finding solutions and workarounds to problems - from life, to in marketing, to running my first business. One of my greatest skills is helping people to see a way through those foggy overwhelming phases, supporting them and helping them to gain perspective, before making a plan and following through until they feel happier and fulfilled.

So, what next?

Developing your tenacity and a positive, solutions-focused attitude can take you a long way. And the feeling you get when you stubbornly achieve a goal, work through something, solve a problem and make things happen for yourself, is truly awesome. 

Be Stubborn exists to support you in achieving this, while creating or developing a business you love, so please do explore further. You might be interested in finding out more about why I think it’s so important to be a bit stubborn. There’s also plenty on the blog, and a few freebies to get you started.

Or jump right in and book a free a call to chat about how I can help you!