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I am excited to be sharing a new resource with you, to help you to work towards your the things that really matter to you, consistently: BE PURPOSEFUL. Let me explain further...

If being stubborn is ‘to have dogged determination’, and an intention is ‘something that you want and plan to do’, it follows that to Be Purposefulis to combines the two.

PURPOSEFUL: having or showing determination or resolve; 
aiming to achieve something.

Purpose vs Purposeful

The Internet is full of articles highlighting the ‘six steps to find your life’s purpose’ and noise about having a ‘sole purpose’. In reality, ‘purpose’ – the reason for doing something / something existing – is rarely enough. You have to put in the work to transform purpose into something meaningful. 

Additionally, the idea of having one purpose is actually quite limiting; I’m not sure that it’s possible to define a single ‘purpose’ for an individual. Instead, we can have many mini-purposes or intentions for different areas of our lives. These might co-exist, or may be specific to a certain period of our lives or careers.

Purposefulness is arguably more valuable than purpose. To be purposeful is to understand what we’re aiming for, and to persistently work towards it. 

You can be purposeful in every situation you find yourself in, at any given moment. Knowing what you want to do, demonstrating this this, and doing the work is what enables us to realise our intentions. As such, it is a steady, sustainable way of making an impact. 

Within this new workbook, we are going to be digging into the idea of BEING PURPOSEFUL, over ‘discovering our purpose’. You’ll find insights, examples and exercises to help you to be purposeful. 

Intentions influence purposefulness

There are three key steps to achieving something:

  1. Understanding what it is we want - our intention;

  2. Defining the steps we need to take to get it – making a plan;

  3. Following through, working steadily towards something – being purposef.

Being purposeful enables us to do the work in a heartfelt way, because we know that it is leading to something amazing. Being Purposeful, working towards your goals with determination and clarity, is where the magic happens.

To begin, you need to work through the first step and know what it is you want. And so the workbook begins with a focus on intentions and ‘purpose’.

Having clear intentions helps us to work purposefully. You could even argue that these intentions are purposes, and that is fine. ‘Purpose’ is by no means a bad thing, as long as you don’t become fixated on only one thing.

 Like an intention, a purpose it helps us to be clear on what it is we’re working towards. Both help use to frequently remind ourselves of why we’re doing something, especially when it feels difficult.

 When we feel like we have a purpose or intention that we’re working towards, work feels easier, and we feel more inclined to push though the resistance and struggle and get the job done.

 The key is to remember that just like intentions, we can have more than one purpose, and they can be specific to different areas of our life at work. They can co-exist, or evolve into new and unexpected areas.


The value of being purposeful

Have you ever had a day where you feel like you are 'dragging'? Maybe you feel sluggish, and like everything requires more effort than usual. You might be a bit under the weather, tired, or bored by one of those ‘has to be done even though I don’t like it’ tasks. 

This is the point at which being purposeful can be most helpful. When you feel purposeful, you do the work even when you don't feel like it, because you understand why it is important to you. You know that you won't regret pushing through any resistance. You understand what the end reward will be, and are determined to work towards that.

Being Purposeful is showing up every day, because we know that the work will pay off. It combines your intention with action, and is the difference between being a dreamer, and attempting to live the things we dream of.

You can be purposeful and flexible

Have fun while being purposeful! It’s ok to enjoy the journey. And don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t go right – ‘failure is feedback’, and everything is a learning opportunity. 

The beauty of embarking upon something, is that the early days of something often give us an unprecedented amount of room for experimentation. So embrace the chance to try new things, do a bit of ‘trial and error’. 


And most importantly, give yourself room to flex your ideas and intentions. As you begin to work towards your goal, you might realise that reality doesn’t quite fit with your expectations. If that’s the case, take the time to consider whether you should be continuing to pursue this, or whether you can adjust your path.

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