We can all be happy in our work.
And we should be at least ‘happy enough’ in our work. It doesn't have to be the most important thing in our lives, but we spend a lot of time and energy there so it's nice to like it. I believe that with a little reflection, some determination and hard work, we can get what we want to out of our working lives.

You determine what success looks like for you.
It is NOT the same for everyone. It might be financial, time-related, or emotional. You might not even know until you get there. Just because some are 'hustling' and focusing on huge mailing lists and six-figure incomes doesn't mean you have to.
And just because some people only want to earn as much as they need, so long as they have the work-life balance they desire, doesn't mean you have to want that either. Find your own way.

Change is scary, but sometimes it is necessary. Be courageous.
It doesn't have to be dramatic, or happen all at once. But if you're not happy, and you want to be happy, you might need to change things. This takes courage but with support, it is do-able.

Create intentional thoughtful plans, if your goal is to love your work.
You dont have to be self-employed. You don't have to know exactly what you want. But both rushing into something, or never making change, can stand in the way of your happiness. Take your time, do some structured thinking, figure out what you want and what suits you and your life.

Work hard and follow through.
You don't need to know exactly what the end point will be when you start, but it is so helpful to have a plan to keep you focused and on track to find happiness. And when you have those things, you need some discipline to work hard and follow through. If you love what you're doing, passion and excitement will make that easy.

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We might need to be a little stubborn, creative and flexible, but we can overcome obstacles.
Life is not straightforward. The path will never be without twists and turns and obstacles. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try, or that we should give up. We can overcome, or at the very least, learn something valuable and seek a compromise.

Your work environment should be supportive and non-judgemental, free from fear.
It's not just about the work you do, it's about the whole picture. Don't put up with colleagues or communities that make you feel unhappy, undervalued, unsupported, and afraid. You are worth more. It's ok to crave more.

Know yourself. Be yourself.
All of which means, you need to try to know yourself, and be yourself. That's not always easy and might require some time and work in itself. But if you put in the effort, you might find that the answers, the goals and the work / life you desire will start to flow more easily. And - bonus! - you'll worry less about the 'should' and what everyone else is doing or thinking. Because if you know yourself, and you know you're doing your best, what else matters?


My preferred style is collaborative. Yes, I have an opinion and I have my own methods, and I’ll share these and my recommendations through blog posts and within the free resources, but we all work in our own ways. So I will never make you feel like you have to use something or work a certain way in order to succeed.

I believe that success is individual, both in terms of what it looks like and how it can be achieved. We all work differently and I love to embrace an individual’s style, strengths and weakness and help them to make all of this work for them.

So whether we work together through coaching, or you’re just here to get some helpful information from the website, I am here to support you and cheer you on, always.

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I thought it was about time Steve the Stick showed his face around here. Lucky josser is very well travelled now! And I couldn't do it without him - literally. Turns out it's apt he's joining us today, as I've been thinking a lot about vulnerability. And he's a conspicuous reminder of one of my vulnerabilities. There's been some chat in the online business community about the use vulnerability as a marketing tool, to build connection and kinda emotionally manipulate an audience to follow, engage, and buy. As a rose-tinted-glasses-wearing optimist, I struggle to believe that this is being done tactically - but I might be being naive. What bothers me is that these conversations & sweeping statements about the overuse of vulnerability made me - and others who share - feel bad. Actually, mortified, and a bit angry. I am sometimes vulnerable online, and I instinctively felt a bit defensive. I hasten to add that I don’t think that the conversations were meant to condemn all vulnerability, only the calculated use of it as a tool for business growth. But that didn’t leap off the page. In fact, it seemed to be buried pretty deep in discussions. Many of us open up online because we feel safe and part of a community, and / or we want others to know they're not alone. We are simply being truthful, and our lives might involve struggles that mean vulnerability is a byproduct of this. I’d argue that actually vulnerability doesn't drive connection, HONESTY does. You might share struggles, your family life, or the joy of a wedding day. Perhaps you share your passion for your work, with little mention of anything personal. All options are okay, as long as it’s honest and feels right for you. I hope that makes sense - just offering a different perspective. More in my stories & latest blog; link in bio obvs! #mindfullife #mindfulmoments #alifeofintention #selfportraits #memyselfandportrait #thehonestlens #happyselves #beingmyself #artofselfportraiture #strengthinvulnerability #authenticstorytelling

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I have to share my Highlight Of The Week with you. Yesterday, I spent about an hour underneath this blossom tree... crouched on the road next to my car (London = on-street parking). Why would I crouch next to my car, I hear you wonder. Well, I was very busy embracing my alter-ego, Handy JoAndy. The car had long needed a little sort out, which included checking the air pressure of the tyres, and likely inflating them. I was afraid of looking like a twit trying to figure out how to do this at the petrol station, but was prepared to try. BUT THEN... plot twist. I found a funny machine underneath my boot that had a pressure gauge on it. I popped the hood and checked the oil levels while I pondered this, all casual-like because this was one job I knew how to do! Then I read the entire car manual and watched a YouTube video about Hyundai's and tyres (living my best life). Fast forward one hour, and I was filthy, but I had four perfectly inflated and pressurised tyres, a tidy car, and perfect oil levels! So obviously I called my mum to tell her all about it, because if you don't tell anyone, did it even happen? She thought I was a bit nuts for not just going to a garage, but was duly impressed. Stubborn Jo strikes again - I knew it must be possible, and was so determined to do this alone! Hurrah! (I bet I could have made better use of that hour) (Am I nuts?)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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